seems to be down!

Back up!! All machines are online. Down time - 3 hours

Things I didn’t think I would do today: Coding in command prompts.

Resolution: It was our server. I do not know what I’m talking about so this is me trying to speak geek. We had to reset our DNS.

Troubleshooting: reset internet, check from multiple locations. My husband somehow pinged it from Russia. Check from cell phone. Works on ATT but does not work on wifi. Called our ISP. ISP verified we had internet and it had been rebooted.
They can’t do anything if it is DNS. Figured out how to and then logged in to our server dashboard for our EdgeMax EdgeRouter. Confirmed we are on the Google DNS servers of Followed lots of instructions in the two links below and kept checking on my cell phone and two browsers on computer (chrome and firefox).

Original Post:

Almost 2 hours now - all 3 machines are down. All of my other internet items are working. I’ve reset the router. How else can this be fixed?? seems to be down!

We got a 308 response code with an ip of

Go back to check another site or save this as your default.

It is working for me. I’m in Wisconsin, USA shows all green and it’s up for me as well.

Any chance your firewall blocked it? Try visiting (maybe forcing the S will fix it?)

I also am up as of about 20 minutes ago. Just make a quick cut.

I tried the s version. Still offline. image

That is your machine(s) offline. You got to the site. Check your wifi.


Also: shows it up, but your link for still says it is down. That site might not be reliable. On your end, it does look like you are in the app (that’s where tht “Offline” shows) but the app can’t connect to your Glowforge.

No idea what those sites are for, but the GF app site is working just fine, and the fact that you posted that screenshot segment confirms it. The issue must be local wifi, or with your ISP.

edit: meant to add, you can rule out those by using a phone as a temporary hotspot and trying that on one machine (running thru the wifi setup process).

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same here. this is the biggest worries ive had since buying this. kinda scary we cant do anything off line

We think we know the issue. Does anyone know how to setup a DNS server for EdgeMax EdgeRouter ubnt?

Beyond my tech skills, but my Google-fu says:

Fingers crossed

Thanks. That is the page we are using. So far none of the commands are working.

We are back up!! Yay!


The Edgerouter-X has two locations for DNS.

If you have only one LAN configuration, then you can bring it up in the main “System” tab at the bottom left of the screen (not to Alerts tab)

Put your DNS Server in the “System name server” field. “Add New” to put additional ones. I like 9.9.9 and

If you have segmented your network (read VLANs) you will need to go to the Services tab, Select the triangle to the right of the LAN the Glowforge is on, choose “View Details” and place your DNS choices in the “DNS 1” and “DNS 2” fields. Remember to click on the “Save” button in the lower left (take about 3 seconds for it to save).


Thank you!

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I’m sorry that your unit went offline. I’m glad to see that the advice from our other community members helped you get back up and printing. Thanks folks!

I’m going to close this thread. If you run into trouble again, or have any questions, please post a new topic here on the forum or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.