App processing uploads extremely slow


Can you please fix the issue with the Glowforge App when uploading I have been getting "something has gone wrong with your glowforge reset your browser. Then the file loads but extremely slow, it seems to be having issues with uploading an processing files. All files I am uploading are really nothing new and do not have problems/issues.

Thank you!

This is very often a local issue and not a Glowforge server problem. Try clearing your cache and using a different browser.


Files can get corrupted as well. It might be worth opening one, and then copying and pasting into a new file and saving that - see if that helps…but only after you’ve cleaned your cache.

I’m sorry for the trouble when trying to upload files to the app and run prints. Did the suggestions from our other community members help?

I’d be happy to take a closer look into this and check a few things on our end. May I have a couple example files that you’ve run into trouble with recently? If you’d prefer to share them privately, you can email them to my attention at

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