Apple Pencil Box from stacked hardwood

I got my plywoods from For hardwoods, there have been a lot of good sources posted on the forum. I don’t have any favorites just yet. :slight_smile:

Kim Oberlin is a seller on ebay (or direct via email).

His prices are impossible to beat, but there is one caveat: he only sands to 80-120 grit, so if you really want to make the project look its best you’ll have some sanding to do. That being said, you’ll have to sand no matter what if you really want your project to shine, so…

If you want wood that is closer to ready to go there are lots of places, but I find Ocooch to be a really good source.


I like the ouch, they are close to me that’s for sure… I’ll give the ebay guy a shot also…he is nto far away either in MI.


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