Apple TV Remote Holder SVG

I made a holder for the newest Apple TV remote to make it easier to find & hold and easier to tell which end is up

Topic here about this build
Apple TV Holder

SVG: (961 Bytes)

(Note: pic is a slightly older design with squared lower corners which i updated to be rounded )


Lovely! Thanks for sharing the file! :grinning:


Great idea, I may well have to do this for my Bose remote it is tiny and always gets lost.

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Thanks for the share.

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Now you can turn all the time you’ll save not having to search for the remote into more project time. Thanks for sharing!


@numosbk made a few mods to the design. Thanks John for adding another clip, and the apple logo, nice improvements / design touches!

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Cool idea! I need one of these that holds all of the remotes. But like a giant Voltron remote!

Here’s how I tackled that same problem on both versions of the remote. This was before I got my GF. The new one has heat shrink which also gives it more grip. The old remote is dipped in PlastiDip over and over to make it rubbery and not lost in the couch (as easy).


A friend of mine 3d printed a slide in mount on the back of his tv remote with a tile tracker in there for good measure. Little too bulky for me, but a neat idea.

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