Apple TV Remote Holder


I have one of the recent AppleTVs, and find the remote to be a bit too small (always gets lost) and I always mix up which end is the touchpad (shame on you Jonny Ives)

I’m new to Glowforge/laserings, so I decided to practice joint techniques and made a holder for the remote that makes it easier to find and know which way is up. Made with 4 layers of PG maple hardwood (love the finish on the cut edges!) The joints were snap fit after some monekying with kerf values.


Genius! Remote is way to small, I feel like a giant

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(I’m actually on the TV team @  and did a bunch of the initial bringup work on that remote and Siri. No, I had nothing to do with the ID. :slight_smile: ).


Oh excellent! Lovely design! :grinning:

Nice. I always lose the black remote on the black furniture.

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BTW: If you have one of the silver TV remotes, you can turn them into bottle openers. Yes, it still works. :slight_smile:

Can’t do this with the new remote (but you could probably etch the glass).

BTW: The 3D printer is a ~>5 year old Ultimaker original. I bought it as a kit. The frame and gantry are all laser cut plywood. It was the piece of kit that made me conclude, quite surely, that laser cutters were, in and of themselves, going to be a huge revolution in the maker community.


I can die happy now…I have seen everything! :rofl:


That is so cool - gonna have to do that mod to my old ATV remote :slight_smile:

Seriously! I have to check the back to see the orientation of the Apple logo before I’m sure! Drives me nuts.

I don’t have one, so this may be silly - but isn’t all of the text on all of the buttons oriented one direction?

I like these little joiners. image


Oh, la-de-da, big man who can read without glasses… :laughing:

Yea, no, that small text is elusive to a lot of us unless we carry “readers” with us everywhere. With luck, you’ll be there someday too ('cus, y’know: old). So the shape and large scale non-symmetries of interfaces are super important. The new Apple remote is an egregious example of a fail there.

This is especially problematic for me as my ability to read unaided changed overnight with Lasik surgery; traded lifelong nearsightedness but perfect reading vision for perfect distance vision and a dependence on reading glasses (TOTALY WORTH IT). So the habit of having reading glasses at hand has not yet “stuck”. Advice to newbies: buy a case of reading glasses and fling them around your house like the Easter Bunny hiding eggs.


I agree! They caught my eye as well. very slick.

Haha! Ok, thanks! :rofl: And btw, I am just the opposite. I have to take my glasses off to read up close, so I feel your pain there. #nospringchicken #atleastnotmyeyes


That was me! Loss of my detail close vision was a blow; but the reasoning is that I’ll eventually lose that anyway, and it was super cool to see the stars without glasses for the first time. :grin:


Nice solution. I also really like the snap in locks!

I just cut an acrylic snowflake with a center hole that snuggly sleeves a bulb on the tree lights for edge lighting. Sneaking up on the perfect dimensions takes a few tests, but being able to manipulate the settings by thousandths rocks!

@UrJac, I have like 6 pairs scattered around the house. Greatly increases the odds of me finding a pair.


That seems like a good mix…bottle opener and remote. I had no idea you could do this!

Isn’t it weird how suddenly you’ll find all six of them in, like, the kitchen? Those things walk, I swear…

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Thank you.

I love the wisdom here. That’s why I read this forum… to improve my life.

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Same here but with Cataract Surgery! Had been wearing glasses since 3rd grade (long, long time ago…)

As to reading glasses I found these to be great! Lifetime warranty too and they actually honor it. I keep a pair on my phone, a pair on my computer and a pair on my iPad.