Apple Watch and Iphone Charger Stand

Decided I wanted to clean up my night stand so, I designed a 2 in 1 stand that wirelessly charges my phone and watch.

If anyone wants to take a stab at making one, you can review my files here:
acrylic watch_arm_assembly.pdf (754.9 KB)
wood_base_top.pdf (736.2 KB)
acrylic_base.pdf (734.8 KB)
acrylic_base_clear.pdf (737.1 KB)

Materials: all proof grade
(1) sheet solid walnut
(1) 3mm black acrylic
(1) 3mm clear acrylic

Note: Not sure how much I modified these after cutting, so don’t expect it to work first try. I was trying to press fit as much as possible. Also There is variance in the apple watch cable, I made 2 of these stands, and the cable disc was a different size. On the red engraved portions I did 2 passes.

Here’s a link to the wireless charger:


Clean looking design. :grin:


Love it! simple and elegant. nice work! That should be on the catalog!


I like it a lot - particularly the phone charger.

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I agree very clean modern design.

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Love it! I’ve been wanting to cut an Apple Watch charging stand, but with it sideways, for nightstand mode.


FYI one of the last few updates for the watch made it so nightstand mode works in either orientation. Thats what’s going on in the top photo.


Really…?! I hadn’t even thought to check. THANKS!
(I totally see that now, duh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Gorgeous AND practical! Sometimes it’s hard to make tech look elegant. You’ve NAILED it!


Very clean design. I like it!!!


That’s so elegant! What is the watch-charger part(s)?

Really nice… I’m planning one as well! Yours look amazing… Simple, clean and got what you need! Well done!

Just the standard apple watch charging cable

I was referring to the stand part. Did you make that too?

Ooooo, very nice!

Insiped me and I did it! :blush:

Was looking for many options online but your definitelly is the good looking one!

Here is mine!


Very sharp looking.

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I like both of them. Nice job. :grinning:


Really close to my design. Main difference is on the watch stand, I ran the cable down the center section so it was fully obscured. The other reason I ran the wood layer on top was so I could etch through most of the under side for the plug on the wireless charger and still keep it covered. I also ran clear through the center of my base so the light ring on the wireless would still be visable when charging.


Yeah! I kind of wanted to show the cables that’s why I went for acrylic !
I really liked yours too.

I want to engrave the wood under the acrylic as well to see how it looks like.

Will make on the other one!