Approach for multi-material design

I’m pretty new, and trying to make the Halloween edge lit acrylic badges based on this design.

In this design, there are pieces to be cut from acrylic, and pieces to be cut from draft board. However, the included SVG has the cuts for both in the same color. What is the typical approach for something like this?

I think there are 3 options:

  1. Delete the components of the design in the GFUI that are not appropriate for the current material. Deletion is needed, because the cuts are all the same color.

  2. Change the color coding to be material specific (e.g. cuts for acrylic in red; cut for draft board in green). Use the GFUI to ignore what should not be cut or engraved.

  3. Create separate SVGs for the different materials.

I think option 2 is the one I am leaning towards. It keeps all the design work in the GFUI, so reloading the design is not needed when material is changed, which is required for both options 1 and 3.

What is the typical approach, if there is one?

I don’t really think a “ticket” is required for this, but it is “within the manual”, so I posted it here.

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You could have all three materials on the crumb tray at once. The green is for the engrave (used as a guide for glueing). You would also need to use a graphic editor to update the text for engraving. You can also duplicate the design in Design Library and delete the pieces for the different material. Please post picture of you finished project we would all love to see your take on the design.


You have a fourth option and it’s the one I use…simply drag the parts you don’t want to cut off of the cutting area. They will still be there and you can cut them by dragging them back on when you change the material. (Nothing gets lost that way.)

Use the Zoom tool at the top or CTRL+Scroll with middle mouse button.


Thanks; this is exactly the kind of tip I was looking for since I haven’t used the GFUI that much. I didn’t even know it was possible to move designs off the cutting area.


As long as part of the design is in the gray border, it is considered off the cutting area. So you don’t have to drag them out of sight.


OK, here’s what I ended up doing. I had a total of about 24 of these to make. It was just simpler for me to separate out the materials by file (one file with all of the personalized tops/bases made in draft board, and another file with all the acrylic). I did use many of the techniques mentioned (mainly moving the designs out of the active area) when I had to repeat a cut because something screwed up on my end.

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