LED Badge

Going to Maker Faire Orlando this weekend. Going to try to solicit some referrals. I wanted to show some different materials and operations. The frame holder spacer and back are made from medium draftboard. Draftboard is perfect for the spacer since it is slightly thicker than the proofgrade acrylic. It allows me to switch out the acrylic and the LED and battery easily.


Black: engrave
Green: score
Red: cut


Well done! :sunglasses:


Looks great! :grinning:


Neat! Awesome idea! Good luck!

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Just found out that @cynd11 made one last year. If I had been paying attention it would have saved me some time.


Oooo, I like yours better! (And that was this year!)


This is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your design.

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You should get their attention with that. Nice job.

Thanks. Nice badge. Let us know if it succeeds in getting you lots of attention.

I hope so. I purposely omitted the glowforge name. I wanted to start a discussion before I was dismissed. There were some negative feeling towards the glowforge at the time. So I am hoping to engage with them at first then go into my sales pitch. :slight_smile:

If anything it will be a icebreaker and beacon for any other glowforgers who might be attending…

@laird or @rbtdanforth or @joker


Love this. I hope people ask you!!


Whoa! Where does the QR code take them? Is it a link with your referral code embedded? I mean, if I make one of these, I’d love to credit you for your work, but I think I’d also like the referral credit :wink:

Also, not sure how many people have seen the movie Accepted before, but anytime I hear/read “ask me about my ______” it reminds me of a hilarious scene in that movie.



Correct, the QR code is my referral link. In fact it works even on the photo I uploaded. On the desktop you can enlarge the photo and your phones camera can scan it.

But , on the file I shared, does not have any QR code. Those score lines are for glue guides and the black engrave on the holder is to give the LED more clearance.


GREAT job with that! Elegant, simple, functional!


How does the LED fit in between the panels?
Got more pics


I was just kidding :grin: But I was serious about you getting artistic credit. It’s simple yet effective, and like you said, it’s a great conversation starter. The Farmer’s markets I’ve been to, people are always curious where I “got” my stuff, but they’re always surprised when I tell them it was laser made by me!

Did this get lost when the SVG was uploaded?

I learn so much from these small projects so thank you for sharing .
I am LED illiterate, how do you turn it on and off ?

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where do you get that led from ?

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