Architect's Lamp Material Thickness

The architect’s lamp from the catalog should be cut from 5mm material.

The catalog says “about” 1/4". 5mm is not about 1/4".

The instructions say nothing about material.

I’ve just wasted a sheet of proofgrade 1/8" discovering that the slots and tabs for this item are sized for 5mm material.

Please add material notes to the instructions. Prominently. Up front.

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The instructions for any Catalog purchases can be accessed by clicking on the little information button on the cutting page. Looks like this… […]

Just click on the board to close it again.

(Oh sorry, that wasn’t what you wanted. The material recommendations are on the catalog description when you purchase the design.)

Thanks for the help @Jules, that’s correct.

@alan.moerdyk I’m so sorry for the frustrating experience. I’ve passed your feedback on to the team.