Arcylic Earring Pricing?

What are people charging for arcylic earrings. I am a neebie with Glowforge and need some advice.

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Over the years that this forum has existed there have been many discussions of pricing. Utilizing the search function will reward you with tons of information. Here is a place to start:


That really depends on a lot of things - I’ve seen as low as $1 for basics and upwards of $100 a pair for arty designer earrings.
Do you have a photo or description of the ones you plan to make?

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No yet I did couple basic ones and gave out now I getting price questions will work on later today thank you for reaching out enjoy your day

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In that case don’t pay any mind to what other people are charging and come up with a price that makes it worth your time and efforts. Otherwise you’ll be chasing pennies and profits.


I’m with @ekla - charge what it’s worth to you for time/effort/materials…

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