Are there any plans for a larger cut area GF?

Like the title says, are there any plans for a larger cutting area GF? Maybe a GF Pro MAX :sweat_smile: Larger cut area and a bit more powered laser?? Not sure if this is the correct section to ask this.

The passthrough is great on the pro when it works, but the 11 x 19.5 cutting area can be very limiting and a time-consuming process. I often find myself needing to cut pieces that are 16 x 22. I honestly wish they would make a unit that has a cut area of at least 16x24 with let’s say a 60 or 80w laser. And give current owners a trade-in option to offset the cost of the new machine if they wanted to upgrade.

Staff do not monitor this section anymore. Great idea but you would need to email them with your question.


Sad to hear that.

Another thing that concerns me is what happens if they go under and shut down? Will the GF become a useless device? I hate the fact that I have to log in to their servers to be able to operate it. Im sure this has been addressed or discussed to death many times already. I have been using my GF for a few years now, but I am just beginning to dive into the forum.

Thanks for your reply, its appreciated.

I truly doubt Glowforge will ever make a larger machine. They’re a consumer company that wants to sell direct to hobbyists and in craft stores. If they made the Glowforge an inch larger or a pound heavier, it’d exceed the limits of what UPS and FedEx will deliver to residences. There are many places they can go from here that don’t involve competing with industrial sized laser cutters, like swappable heads (think: turn your Glowforge into a 3D printer with just a tiny accessory), a more cube shaped laser that can do round objects like tumblers and glasses, or a compact galvo laser that can engrave faster and engrave metal while taking up less space than a Glowforge.

If the company went under and shut down, the Glowforges would become a useless device. But it’s pretty much unfathomable for that to happen. They have taken in over $70 million in funding… have a recurring revenue stream from Premium subscriptions and material sales… sold over 100K machines… they’re in 2 of the 3 largest craft store chains… and they have a tiny staff, fully outsourced production and fulfillment, and don’t own a single building. They’re running super lean and likely very profitable.

GF’s end game is either continuing to grow, or being acquired by another company that would continue running the servers. Even in bankruptcy, the customer base with subscription revenue is an asset to sell to someone. Stranding the machines is super unlikely. Plus, you already took the risk when they were just a crowdfunded startup and made it through the riskiest years of the company. We’re well past the “gotta raise another round of funding or we run out of runway and go out of business” years I think.


I don’t know what they are planning, but the company has been around for YEARS and has not released any meaningful hardware updates… No better camera system, no deeper work area, no bigger work area, no rotary support…

I think we should all come to terms with the fact that the Glowforge is what it is, and the only changes will be in software.

If the company dies, yes, the machines will be useless.

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