Are there different size crumb trays for each machine?

I just unboxed my glowforge pro and the crumb tray absolutely does not fit. It’s too small to fit into the grooves. We measured the slots on the bottom of the crumb tray vs. the slots in the machine and it is definitely off. Anyone else have this issue?

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To my knowledge, all of the crumb trays are the same. Can you please share a photo of what yours looks like when you try to install it?

Here is what it should look like with the front door open.


When you zoom in you can see it hits the slots on the left side but does not make it all the way across to hit the slot on the right side

It’s not supposed to fit into any ‘slots’ on the sides. You just need to slide it in until you can feel it settle into the ‘dimples’ on the floor of the machine. You can feel it when it’s in place.


That’s what I meant by slots. If you look at my picture above. You can see the tray settled in to the left dimple, but it doesn’t come close to fitting into the right dimple. It moves the whole time and won’t “settle”. I can put 1 finger on it and it moves back and forth or side to side.

Move your tray to the right as you are facing the machine. What is the distance from leg to leg on the bottom of the tray? I mean the measured distance from the center of each leg?

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Waiting to here your measurement info or whether you resolved this problem.


Got it resolved. Another make video’d me and showed me what I was doing wrong. Thank you so much for trying to help. Appreciate it.

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For any one thinking they have the problem, a sheet of proofgrade material will just fit and that is the standard.


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