Are you guys okay?



I heard that 3/4 of the company was stuck in an elevator!



Simultaneously hilarious and tragic.

I do hope this wasn’t after a company lunch at a mexican joint.


45 minutes. Bit hot and sweaty, but everyone made it out OK. Thanks, Seattle Fire & Rescue!


If they would have had a prototype with them they could have removed the laser and cut their way out. (Or cut out a "Jaws-of-life"replica out of 1/4 stock and pryed the doors open…) (o:


I worked with a guy who got stuck in his apartment building’s elevator (about 20 years ago now). He waited patiently for two hours before using the phone in it to call for help. He didn’t want to bother anyone. Having worked for a company that made elevator phones I pointed out that was their sole reason for being.

I guess elevators are like airplanes: you don’t want a large number of your employees on the same one.


Yes! Exactly what I was thinking. :grin:


Hopefully nobody got into the elevator thinking “I REALLY have to go to the bathroom!”


Gee Dan, are you really that tall? :rolling_eyes:

New company policy; only half of the company in the elevator at any one time.


6’4". :wink:


At least you weren’t found, mummified, after a month, like that lady in China


Is that Eva sitting on the floor making their own little personal space? :wink:


It was about 10 degrees cooler at that level #lifehacks


I’ve worked for companies that have a policy about key people taking the same flights, but I bet Glowforge is going to be the first company with a “no more than two key people on the same elevator” rule!


Instant team building exercise. You all passed!


Nearly passed out.

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