Are you serious sending me a USED replacement for the one I never powered up?

This company is UNBELIEVABLE!! I orderd a Plus, got it in 3 days, the printer head was broken and I never powered it up. It took 13 days for my replacement to go out becuase there was always some sort of issue. I finally received my replacemt only to find that it is USED!!! There was sawdust all over it and there was black stuff all over some of the metal and something blue and sticky inside of it. This company has completely lost it’s mind if they think I am going to pay $4000 for a used machine. Somone better contac t me in person. I have already spoke to Rita once. Please have her call me ASAP.

Mindy Mazzei

That might just be a sloppy cleanup job…they test the replacement machines that they send out by using them to cut a few things and making sure that the parts are all functional and the calibration is good.

(Try operating it before you send it back. You might find it’s all cosmetic and can be wiped up easily. Extra testing never hurts.)

I am trying to figure out how to attach pictures. Its definitely not a sloppy clean up job

That is really irritating, I empathize! But it is actually really common to get a refurbished device as a warranty replacement… Even if it is a replacement for a device that was dead on arrival. Apple Computer even did that to me once!

If your new machine is crudded up they should absolutely make it right. A proper refurb should look and feel almost brand new.

It’s easy to say, but try not to be upset about getting a refurb–what matters is that the replacement machine works and that it has the warranty you paid for. Hopefully they will take care of you.


No, I am not taking a refurbised machine as a replacemt for a $4000 unit I never turned on. I can see it if I used it, even for a month. But not in this case. No way.


@MindyMaz, I’m horrified. I’ve just sent an email to get this sorted out!