Are your dishes dirty or clean?



Mondays and Wednesdays are late night at the office when I can play…
This morning I, again, found dirty dishes among the clean dishes in the dishwasher…lazy kids/husband…lol
I hope this will help them so they don’t have to actually pull out the shelves to see…:unamused:

When I put it all together, it didnt slide easily so I cut a gasket on the middle layer from 3 layers of tape to give some clearance so the slider wouldn’t rub.

Ventilation for the GF

Very nice!


Thx @jkopel… Hey I showed you mine…now show my yours…lol…when @dan says so I guess… :grin::wink:


That’s genius! Thanks for showing the process.


That’s why I don’t rinse my dishes first, so I can tell they are dirty, otherwise I’d be tempted to fish them back out.


This reminds me of a business sign I saw recently (which, of course, I’m failing to find a photo of again…)

It had a sliding “N” so that it read either “OPEN” or “NOPE” :slight_smile:


The 3D printed sign I kept trying to make, but always getting print failures was a sliding “Clean” to either read “I’m Clean” or “Clean Me”

I think I may make an attempt at doing a lasercut version of that. And slip some magnets in for added awesome.


Ooh, the forge washer could use one of those!


Very neat. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve underestimated the powers of your husband/kids vs the power of a sign. Good luck.


It reminds me of this:


We had one of those on our woodshop door at college! Ah, good times.

@smcgathyfay love love love this design!! I now know what my first workplace-installed glowforge project will be. :laughing: