Aren't there..... laws?

Aren’t there things like patents and copyrights and things?
Hmmmm… Where have I seen most of these features before…?


Interesting, pretty fair review I’d say… I like how the camera alignment was off a bit :grinning:

Time to call the UNLs… the Unfriendly Neighborhood Lawyers…

Picturing “mirror universe” bearded lawyers at this time…

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This is kind of old news. Naomi Wu did a thing on this 6 months ago

It wasn’t available in the US at that point, and looks like you still need to import.

Also, this is from the comments on her video:
“I asked Glowforge first- I would not review it if it was violating patents. Glowforge said as far as they knew, no.”

It does (arguably) have better file format support although missing PDF:


i’d argue that it’s just exchanging DXF for PDF. i mean, who needs to upload a canon raw file (CR2)? if you’re going to allow raw files, wouldn’t you just use the more universal DNG?

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See. I told you it was arguable.

I’m thinking they did a typo for Corel Draw files, but it could be right.

Yeah it’s blatant. But there are useful additional features.

I’m a HUGE fan of David and @makesomething and I thought this was a good review. The points he highlighted as differentiators from GF were not at all selling points for me personally, but I think market competition (that, of course, respects copyrights and patents) is a good thing.

That machine does look suspiciously derivative of the GF to the point of making me a little uncomfortable; sure, purpose drives design, but if you squint your eyes and can mistake it for a GF then there might be some intent there.

But regardless, I don’t see this company driving GF out of business any time soon.

Check out David on the MakingIt podcast if you can. He is one of the most positive and inspiring people I’ve ever encountered. Really hope I get the chance to meet him some day.


Thank you! I appreciate that. For the record I’m keeping the Glowforge and giving the Laserbox to my unemployed brother. I do like the fact that the Laserbox allows you to draw within the software but I don’t think I’d use that much. The exhaust is superior in the Glowforge and it takes up way less room.


Just looking at the exhaust tells me it will not move as much air and in my opinion the Glowforge could do to move still more air. Much more to the point however the Laserbox is much more comparable and should be judged against a Glowforge Basic that is also 40 watt and also does not have a passthrough slot, but is less than half the price of the Laserbox.

You do not say if the Laserbox filter is a hepa filter or if it has good charcoal fume extraction. It is telling that it still exits the air out the window. What is not said is the price and life of the filters that is a big sticking point with the Glowforge and people with a window discharge option don’t use filters for that reason. Those who use filters do so because there is no exhaust window option.

The Blu-Dri filter moves more than twice as much air as the Glowforge, and the result can be released indoors. At $600+ upfront and $250 for the HEPA filter but it has 500 CFM max movement and 4 times the area on the face of the three face (3 filters prefilter - Hepa - and charcoal)filter, much better than Laserbox or Glowforge.

It would be interesting to know the CFM of the Laserbox that judging by the smoke is less than 100 CFM.

I also could not tell about any head fans, but that also would be interesting to know.


oh cool, I didn’t see this interaction on the Naomi Wu video I linked above

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