Arm won’t move, I’ve replaced the black cable

I unboxed my basic last week, it was stuck on centering and I never made the first cut. It made noises but the arm never moved and the print area was never imaged. I looked on this forum and social media and saw that this wasn’t a unique problem. The folks who had this issue had their machines replaced. I was sent a black cable to try to fix it myself, even though I referenced instances when a replacement was sent. I replaced the black cable. Now the internal lights won’t turn on and, surprise, it still doesn’t work. I can’t get online at all so there are no logs. Customer service isn’t very responsive. I hate that I ordered what is amounting to a very expensive paperweight. If they ever decide to reply, how likely is it that a new machine will be sent out? I don’t want a refurbished unit as this one has never worked. I was so excited about using the glow forge, I’m just really disappointed at this point :frowning:

If the lights aren’t working, the cable is not correctly installed. You should re-check the connections to make sure it is firmly seated.

Posting here opens a support ticket, they will advise on further action (most likely continue to work with you by email.)

It is such an awesome tool. It is frustrating but I wouldn’t give up. This is a pretty large thing to ship, things happen in shipping that are unpredictable. You will love it once it is working!

I’m sorry for the frustrating start with your new Glowforge. I extracted the logs from your unit to take a closer look.

Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I see that you’ve emailed us about this, so I’ve responded to you there with additional information and next steps and I’m going to close this thread.

I’m so sorry about the bad news.