Art restoration videos are super interesting

For real. This is a really cool rabbit hole. I’ve been watching them off and on for a couple years, Baumgartner is one of the best.

I may be most interested in his workspace. Jealous.


Something you might also enjoy is BBC series “Art Detectives” (easy to find on youtube)…

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wow, that is someone with a truly organized and calm mind. I’m going to believe it has something to do with those glorious tables and tools, and of course that window.

Do you watch the British Museum ones? I learned about stabilizing a mummified crocodile last night. Sadly, despite giving it a CT scan, they only teased and never told what its last meal was.

Cutting open the stomach of a fish is the best part of cleaning it. Also, the only good part of cleaning it.

I would LOVE to do this for a living. So satisfying, so engrossing, so detailed.

Apparently it’s a PhD level job. Alas, I can’t roll up in there and jump in :slight_smile:


Maybe? I watch a lot, can’t recall. I do remember that the met has a bunch of good ones including that crazy tapestry that took 40 years (!!!) to restore.

They started in 1974 and this video was put on YouTube in 2010. The footage of the restoration team is amazing, you can see how much they aged just as the tapestry got younger.

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Cool, I’ll have to catch that one. It sounds great.

You’d know, the British Museum isn’t afraid of branding. They’re not terribly deep, but fun if you’re looking to not work your brain very hard.

I love these. Especially when I am supposed to be working…:slight_smile:


This was one of my favorite art “restorations” :slight_smile:

“Ecce Homo” for those who can’t remember the name (and if you’ve never seen this I did not make it up).


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