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Okay… this has me baffled. I’m trying to set up artwork for repeat production. When I set my artwork, everything lines up… until I run it. The outer line lines up about 80% of the time, but has to be reset every time I open the lid of the Glowforge. The text aligns 0% of the time. Even when I try to compensate to the alignment, the Glowforge just puts the text somewhere else. I have tried the design file as PDF, JPG, PNG, DXF and SVG all with the same results. In the picture below, I ran the outer line, then went to run the text (without opening the lid or moving the art) and this is the result.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 10.03.32 AM

To clarify: Are you running the outer line and the inner text as two separate operations and files with lid opening in between?

Best alignment is achieved by including all steps in one file and running them together. Or using a jig for repeating jobs - which also starts with all steps in one file.

And are you using the “set focus” tool before placing your artwork?


In this particular case, I didn’t lift the lid. I set the text to “Ignore” and just ran the outer line. After the Outer shape was scored, I went back and reran the text as “Engrave” and set the outer line to “ignore”. In each instance I used the “Set Focus”. In the actual production, The outer line is set to ignore and is only used as a guide for aligning the part but it seems the text gets moved even though the outline appears centered.

How thick is the board/object and is it on the crumb tray or the bottom of the machine?

Are you re-running Set Focus between the outer line and the engraving? If yes, don’t do that.

If you Set Focus something, and then run the different steps - as long as you don’t move anything they will be aligned. If you need to open the lid for some reason, they’ll still be aligned to the art in the GFUI - they may not look at all aligned to what’s already been done.


Indeed Set Focus is mostly for you to align the image with the material After you run set focus. In the lower left corner is a widget that shows up when sonething is selected. That is the real numbers that are used no matter what the Image says. So if the material has not moved since the previous cut those numbers will not change and the cut will be exactly in the same place. if your design is 2" wide you can put a copy 2.01" away and they will not cut each other or leave any material between them.

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I just measured some recent scrap and even though they were done at different times the spacing is 0.03 to 0,06 between cuts.

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