Artwork uploading LARGER than it was designed

why can’t you cut to the edge?? bummer!

Because, physics.


A little light reading:


thanks. SO the cutting area is slightly larger? So I could cut out the board first to 11" and then put a slightly smaller engrave on it?

11" is too big. It’s a tad less than that. And I usually engrave first, then cut, in the same file so things are lined up the way I want them without me having to fuss over it…but that’s your call.

FYI the engraveable area is a bit less than the cuttable area, because the head needs room to slow down before reaching the edges, and how much room it needs depends on how fast it’s going. You’ll have to experiment with size and cutting speed to see how large it can be.

You’ll glean some good information from the forum search I posted above – or you could do a new search on “engraveable area.” :slight_smile:


Could I use snap mark to move the board down to get a larger cut? I have a pro

I have a basic, so I can’t really tell you how to do that, but there are some good tutorials in the Tips and Tricks section to get you started.

You really should start with doing the calibration, though, before trying anything else.

The calibration tool cutting up a board? right?

It only scores. And it’s incredibly worth it.


this right?

Yes, that’s the link I gave you.


OK well now I have reading up on alignment with passthrough. Guess I need to make guides first

OK I got this printed last night. I used the passthrough to cut the board in two passes. That part came out perfect. However I had issues with the JPEG coming into the app at a different size than created. I made EVERYTHING 12x17.5 but when I loaded that artwork it was 3" off in size!!

Was the jpeg embedded into the SVG or added using Add Artwork? If added separately, it will be brought in at the actual image pixel size / 96.

separately… so how do I get it to come in the correct size. I brought the art into INkscape and make sure it was the right size before saving as a SVG. still came out weird.

Make your workspace/document size 20x12".


I’m sorry for the delayed response, @dieterkutz. If your design is loading at a different scale, it’s likely that the file is set to scale as necessary, depending on the dimensions of the space it’s viewed in - in this case, the Glowforge app Workspace. As @jamesdhatch suggested above, if you define the Artboard to be 12" H x 20" W in your design software program, your design should upload to the Glowforge app at the correct scale.

Could you please give this a try and let me know if that helps? Thanks!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email