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An Air Assist fan Error pops up when I hit the button to print. I have cleaned the fan and surrounding areas and have had no luck! I’ve done all the steps that glowforge had sent me with no such luck either. It lets me pick out a design, find material, it goes through the process of calibrating, scanning and such but when it says it’s ready to print, and I hit the flashing light and the Air Assist fan error pops up. Can anyone help me. Im reaching out on here before I send that email to glowforge support.

If you’ve followed all the troubleshooting steps, it sounds like it’s failed and needs to be replaced.

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Just to add, the fan is a common item and easily obtained from other sources like Amazon or eBay, you just need to ensure it has the correct connector,


thank you for that information

Using magnets as hold-downs have been known to cause assist fan problems.


You might want to make sure you are looking at the fan behind the carriage. I was having all sorts of issues not realizing that using magnets as hold-downs was the problem. However, gunk in the fan as well as breakdowns in the supply of power to the fan (or to the sensor) can all cause that problem.

If you have an image of a recent cut, particularly if it did not cut through could tell the tale by the stain made by smoke, and post it here and/or send to Support could help a lot.

I have never don’t that, thanks for the information

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I have had problems cutting through wood but I thought it was just cause the thickness of the wood 1/4 inch Hmmmmm i’ll definitely look I to that

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The “air assist” fan simply blows air over the material as it is cut to help prevent too much flare-up, it has nothing to do with cutting performance.

I have done a lot of quarter inch wood with no issues…

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do you have a photo of this view of your print head?

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Anytime you see flare up it will not cut as deep. The candle flame appearance looks innocent enough, but on every inch it appears the cut will not be as deep.

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