Assistance Required: Glowforge Stuck on Focus with Orange Light

My Glowforge is experiencing an issue similar to what has been previously discussed in the community. My machine continues to enter the orange button stage, and then it disappears and randomly returns. It is currently stuck in this stage and not switching out. I have followed the recommended steps, including checking the cables on the circuit board, ensuring no damage to the head or pins, restarting my router, and confirming my wireless connection. Despite these efforts, my printer head will not move, and the machine remains in focus mode.

Could you please guide me through any additional troubleshooting steps I may have missed or advise on further actions I can take to resolve this?

The next step is to formally reach out to customer support. Glowforge employees can access your machine logs which will give them a good idea of why it’s getting stuck focusing, and what the next steps are to troubleshoot or fix that issue.

To contact support, click “Submit a request” at, or call 855-338- 2122 (available Monday-Friday until 6PM ET).


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