Assorted Marketing Gifts

Here are a few assorted marketing gifts I’ve made for my company to hand out.

Keychain - :proofgrade: Walnut with Padauk inlay (no glue); chain part was just from Amazon.

Leather coaster set from Johnson Plastics Plus - Working on these now as New Year’s gifts for most of my clients. Coming out really great, but they do take a bit of time to engrave at 6 to a set. At least I set up a jig so I can engrave 10 at a time. As a nice side bonus, all the engraving time is giving me a chance to finally post some things on the forum instead of just reading!

Anodized flash drives - came out really nice and I’m always handing flash drives out either at software trainings I put on, or handing in proposals, etc. Same flash drives as the ones @evermorian posted about here


Those are some great gifts!

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Thanks! :+1:

All three are really nice! Love the coasters.