August 2020 Update

This month has been a month of records.

First, more people have purchased a Glowforge printer for their home this month than ever before.

Second, more people printed on their Glowforge than ever before. We blew past a million prints earlier this week and I’ve got three more hours as of the time I’m writing this to see how the month will end.

Third, we’ve given away a total of more than two million Ear Savers, for free.

And finally - it’s not quite a record, but it’s a number I love - the average active Glowforge customer this month is printing almost twice a day.

There’s nothing quite like your creativity. I’m here at Glowforge today because of your belief in what you can create. I believe in that too. And I’ve got some neat stuff to share to support you in that journey.

A Free Month of Creative Classes at Brit & Co

My kids are returning to school, and learning and growth has been on my mind. I found some amazing classes at Brit + Co that teach everything from logo design to watercolor to text effects. My wife and I are planning to take them together.

It happens that Brit is a Glowforge owner herself, and knows how incredible our community is already. So I reached out to her to see if there was a way to share her classes with you.

Most of the 120 classes cost $29-$39 each, but she’s offered unlimited class access for Glowforge owners like you. Sign up with this link by September 30 for a one month unlimited free trial of the “All Access Pass” to Brit + Co Classes on topics like:

  • Digitize Lettering in Adobe Illustrator
  • Intro to Adobe Illustrator
  • How to Build an Online Store

We don’t get paid for this, by the way - I just love these classes, and I think you will too!

Remote job at Glowforge: Join us in building the Design Catalog!

We’re getting ready to make the Glowforge Design Catalog more wonderful than before, and we could use your help! We have a contract position open to help prepare wonderful designs.

Are you interested in getting paid to:

  • Print incredible designs that we provide, then assemble and photograph them?
  • Create delightful and simple instructions to make the designs easy to build?
  • Adjust designs, settings, and more to make sure each design comes out perfectly?
  • Do all this from your home, anywhere, either full-time or part-time?

If so, LET US KNOW! The link to apply is at the bottom of the job description here. We’d love to work with you!

Your Glowforge is getting faster!

Breaking news: We’ve just finished upgrading the Google cloud servers that operate the Glowforge Print service that you use to create amazing things.

When you press that glowing button, our computers do an astonishing number of calculations to generate the instructions that tell your Glowforge just what to do. We’re upgrading everyone to improved servers that are specifically optimized for intensive computing tasks like print preparation.

That means print preparation will go faster than ever before - meaning less time from when you hit print to when the button starts glowing!

Continuing improvements to the free Glowforge Print service

We’ve been launching new features and improvements to your lifetime free Glowforge Print membership every few weeks. The full list, with details about each improvement, is here.

  • Autofocus improvements, including making it easier to print on very thin materials.
  • Improved sensor monitoring: Your Glowforge already used sensors inside the air intake, lid, head, exhaust, and coolant to alert you when the temperature gets extremely high. We’re now using infrared sensors built into every Glowforge as well to help identify issues faster.
  • We’ve fixed a few visual bugs that caused the print button, the graphics search box and the save custom settings menu to not appear correctly for some users.

Glowforge Premium is getting better

Glowforge Premium is our optional, upgraded software service. You are experiencing the free beta trial period right now. You can learn more about Glowforge Premium here. We’ve made a few improvements lately:

  • The Graphics library works better than ever before! With over 2 million graphics to choose from by clicking the “plus” icon, sometimes the hardest part about creating your design is deciding which to use. Now you can:
    • Save your favorite graphics while you “window shop”, and easily add your most frequently used graphics across designs.
    • Discover new graphics from our rotating curated collections.
    • See many more results for each search.
    • Check out the trending terms to see what others are searching for.
  • We’ve also made it easier than ever to add text to your design!
    • We made the text tool faster so your perfect text shows up immediately.
    • You can favorite your most used fonts and find them at the top of your font list.
    • Some Glowforge favorite script and stencil fonts are highlighted at the top.
    • To make it easier to navigate the 900+ fonts we provide you, we’ve added a quick “jump to top” shortcut.

Thousands more customers have Pro Passthrough beta software

Pro Passthrough software makes it easy to prepare enormous, furniture-sized prints for your Glowforge Pro. Over the past few weeks, we turned on Pro Passthrough beta software for thousands more Glowforge owners. We’re planning to turn it on for everyone remaining as we add support for all Glowforge Pro printers.

If you’ve been added to the beta, read this tutorial to get started:

Please keep in mind that our customer success team won’t be able to answer questions about this feature yet. If you have a question, run into an issue, or want to provide any other feedback, please do so here: Pro Passthrough Beta Support

Thank you

I used to come into the office every day thinking about how to make your Glowforge better for you. These are strange times, so now I start the morning in my basement instead. My goal is still the same. I sit here, next to my own Glowforge, with the kids clattering around upstairs and a cup of coffee that I could swear was warm just a minute ago, and I think about what we can all build together. I’m joined in this by almost a hundred like-minded people. We’re here to make things, and make things better, together. I can’t wait to see what we all make next.


PS: You can discuss this update here: