Aura - disappointed!

I purchased the Aura in October - used it one time. Was so frustrated, I boxed it back up and stuck it in the closet. Yesterday - I took it out, set it back up and it cut fine - made about 4 cuts yesterday, all paper, each with beautiful cuts. I have a Silhouette and Cricut - but the cuts from the Aura were perfect and the paper was not curled or torn. Today, I decide to cut a few more items and all I get is “Print Stopped” “error with you print”, turn off and turn your Aura back on, refresh you page, etc., For four hours now, that’s all it does. Restarted about 10 times, unplugged, restarted my internet, etc.
I’m just not sure what else I can do. Very expensive piece of junk.


That error happens when something in your art breaks when submitting. Sadly most browsers don’t actually load pages fresh when you go back to them, they reload their already downloaded version to save bandwidth - which means it will continue to show you that error because it’s just reloading the same saved page.

To fix this you’ll need to clear the cache on your browser (or use a different one - not just a new window, but a switch from Firefox to Chrome or equivalent). Sometimes you can get it to clear by loading a known-good design. The Gift of Good Measure is always an easy one (it’s one of the first designs Glowforge released).

If you do the above, and then try yours again and then get the same error it means there really is something off in the design you’re trying to load. If it’s your design you can upload it here and one of us can take a look. If it’s a catalog design or something you purchased you’ll want to reach out to where it came from and see if there’s something the can do on their end.


Thank you for the tips - I changed from Safari to Chrome and it still gave me the same error. I then, uploaded the cut file again; and it worked. Just seems a bit glitchy for such a small project. Thanks again.


Yeah, it’s hard with SO many ways to create files, it’s why :glowforge: recommends using Inkscape and Chrome - so they test most for those.


So sorry to hear about your experience! I definitely want to make sure we can make your prints better and not frustrating. Have you reached out to our Support team either at 1-855-338-2122 or at They can check your machine’s log to make sure everything is working properly.


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