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New to Glowforge and I have the Aura. I did my first project yesterday using light maple plywood - it was about a 48 minute print and it reeked of wood burning smell to the point that by the end of the printing time, my nose was running and the whole room smelled into the following day. I’ve been trying to find answers but everything I find online isn’t specific to the aura and was posted prior to the Aura’s launch. I do not have the option to make sure my filter is “turned on” in the glow forge app. I hear it running while I print (very loudly). I tried moving the machine so more of the hose is on the table and I ensured both ends of the hose are secured as tightly as possible to machine and filter. I’m cutting again now, and still getting a significant wood burning smell. SOS

Welcome to the community. One time when I used my Aura, I could see smoke accumulating under the lid, so it was obvious that the filter was not running properly…even though it WAS running. Try another (much shorter time) print and watch to see what’s going on. If you see smoke accumulating, shut it off. Can you see smoke? How many bends in your hose are there?

Mine is amazingly quiet compared to my basic, but I know that’s not the issue for you here. I suggest you just do some sleuthing on your own and if you can’t find anything, give support a call at +1-855-338-2122…or send them an email at


Thanks so much for your quick reply! I did see a small amount of smoke under the lid. I wouldn’t say it was accumulating but I noticed smoke at the site of the laser both on the long print yesterday and the short print today. I have 3 bends in the hose and have some of it taped where it connects to the filter to make the line shorter.

When you had the issue with the filter not running properly, what was the fix?

I tried calling support but didn’t reach anyone. I’m assuming because it’s a Sunday so I’ll try them again tomorrow.


They work business hours in Pacific time.

If you can get it down to 2 bends that’ll likely help. There’s always a scent, but when it’s working it’s light, and dissipates quickly. It smells kind of like your neighbors have their firepit/place going. If it’s stronger than that there’s definitely something up!


I’m sorry I can’t even say what I did to fix it except to turn it off and just fiddle with it. I honestly don’t know why it did that…it’s been quite a while ago.


Thank you! I definitely feel like it’s stronger than that and it’s lingered for a long time after as well. Even on a 9 minute print job, my throat was bothered the smell was so strong

That’s ok. Thank you!

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