Aura not cutting correctly on second pass (sometimes)

Hello all, I greatly appreciate the time you take reading this. Ive had the aura for about 2 weeks now and things have been going great except for the last 2 days. Everything is fine except for cutting on the 2nd pass. The line gets off and it looks double or sometimes it just goes haywire. Ive read different things to do on here and online. I clean the rails and camera after every run. This doesnt happen all the time. I might have one or two designs print perfectly and the next be off. I printed the good measure and it printed perfectly. I appreciate a bump in the right direction. I also contacted support but theyre closed until monday :frowning: Who had bankers’ hours for support? lol

Different materials that are cut in the Aura produce different levels of residue that gets deposited on the rails. In almost all cases where the cut lines go wrong, cleaning the rails more thoroughly resolves the issue. The only suggestion I can make is to clean the rails again and follow Glowforge’s suggested material list. Please let us know of Support gives you a different solution so that the community can benefit from your experience.

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I clean the rails almost after every run and all of this happened on proof materials.

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I read your post and I acknowledge that. As I said, the only thing I have ever heard that addresses this problem is more attention to the rails, but if you get a different answer from Glowforge it would be helpful to the community to share that information.

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What @dklgood said about the rails is 100% what we’ve seen here in the forum - so to ask deeper.

How are you cleaning the rails?

Are you aware that you can run a single cut, then open the machine and clean the rails, and then run the job a 2nd time and as long as you didn’t move the material or the head it’ll cut in the same place? If you find that there’s one material that this happens more often on, that might be a solution.

Which PG materials are you using? There are a bunch that aren’t recommended for the :aura: (any of the medium plywoods for one). Acrylic is dirtier than hardwood, etc.

Does the error always happen in the same direction? Eg. Always left/right, or always up/down?
When the machine is off, if you very gently roll the head the direction the error is happening, can you feel anything catching (it will be very subtle)?


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