Aura not cutting through 1/8" acrylic

Hi everyone,

I am starting to work with 1/8" acrylic (not proof-grade, to clarify). I have my speed bottomed out and my power up, making over ten passes to cut through. The edges of the material are so melted the piece isn’t useable once I can make the cut. Any thoughts on settings or anything I can try here?

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Hello and welcome to the community. Is your acrylic cast or extruded? The Aura does not yet have built in settings for many materials…including some 1/8" kinds. What color are you trying to cut? The Aura is a diode laser and won’t do a thing to clear or even light colors. 10 passes is way too many.


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It’s cast, glitter acrylic, and it’s a medium/dark orange color.

Anything with glitter is tough even for the legacy Glowforge and similar lasers, which have more than 10x the power.

The Aura uses a low power diode laser that not only has very low transmission power, but is also very sensitive to certain colors and materials.

You need to ramp up your testing skills and keep plodding away to see if it’s possible.


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