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Im new to the laser machine cutting world. So far I like my Aura…except for the fact that I am limited on what I can buy from Michael’s / Joann’s. Where is everyone getting their acrylic from? There are so many things I want to make using acrylic and don’t want to be restricted to the 3 colors they currently have. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Luckily acrylic is basically acrylic - so you can get it from anywhere that sells it. If you’re lucky enough to live local to a TAP Plastics, they have it. Online there are literally hundreds of places. From big businesses like Johnson Plastics, to tiny shops like Cerulean Tides.

My personal favorite is GS2 Awards.

Now, keep in mind that they’ll sell you acrylic you can’t cut with an Aura - the bonus of sticking with PG is that as long as you specify you’re searching for Aura materials - than what you get will be guaranteed to work. So be sure you know what works!

“Glowforge Aura is not compatible with glass, clear acrylic, white acrylic, blue acrylic, vinyl, or Draftboard®️ materials.”


So aura and acrylic is tricky, and it comes down to two major aspects: The aura’s best at cutting thinner materials, and it’s best at darker solid colors. It’s a diode laser, and the blue laser light will pass right through clear acrylics, and bounce right off things that are too light (like white or some of the pastels). it just can’t work with those types.

So, if I were you and wanted to look for acrylics that will work best with the Aura, I’d google “diode laser acrylic color” to get a sense of which colors work, and then I’d go looking for 1/16" thick acrylics to try.

There’s a great list of acrylic suppliers in this post, check out #1a:

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As long as you get the colors that the Aura will cut, there are tons of acrylic vendors. Google is your friend, but here are some places to start: Johnson Plastics Plus, Houston Acrylic, Cerulean Tides, Smokey Hill Design, estreet Plastics, Canal Plastics, Trotec, Tap Plastics, Little Sweet Pea, Custom Made Better and GS2 Awards.


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