Aura says proofgrade 1/8 medium acrylic not compatible

Hi I’m new here so forgive me if this seems like a silly question, I tried making the mini crate today using 1/8 teal acrylic medium and my aura is saying that the material is not compatible - I feel like I’m missing something … I wanted the aura for acrylic work so I dont dont if I made a huge (costly) mistake. pls let me know what I am doing wrong


I haven’t tried the 1/8” acrylic in the Aura, only the 1/16th (which it cuts fine), but I imagine the Aura will still cut 1/8” although you will have to figure out the right settings. That said, part of the reason for that warning is to get you to think about safety when you use materials that don’t have default Proofgrade settings. To get through that 1/8” you will have to slow down the speed and/or make multiple passes. Slowing down the speed will increase the danger of the operation because acrylic is one of the most dangerous laser cuttable materials due to the flammability of the vapors. If you try it, be sure to watch it throughout the operation and be ready to throw a towel or something over it if it flames up. I think your best bet is to try multiple passes.

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Thats a shame because their own site shows this

Tysm for responding.

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The teal acrylic does cut in the Aura, I’ve done it (on 1/16 ).


Try the eco acrylic setting at 4 passes (it takes 2 to get through the 1/16” thick version of teal)
You can do it, it’ll just take a bit more time.


ty Ekla


We talked to customer support and found out that the settings are not developed yet, but they are coming. We flipped the acrylic over to hide the QR Code then used the eco thin teal setting and doubled the number of passes. It worked fine. I hope this helps.


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