Aura settings for proofgrade 1/4 inch acrylic

I just got an aura and have been using proofgrade materials and have been very disappointed that most materials I was expecting to be able to cut (and the website indicates are aura compatible) don’t have proof grade settings available. Aura says proofgrade 1/8 medium acrylic not compatible - #6 by ekla was a post with someone running into a similar problem.

The machine is supposed to be able to cut 1/4 inch materials and it’s supposed to be able to cut acrylic. Has anyone been successful at cutting 1/4 inch acrylic?

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I don’t have an aura but I believe it can cut acrylic just not certain colors due to the diode laser. Clear being one of those if that is the color (or non color) your attempting.


It seems there are still several materials that are either not compatible with the Aura or have just not been listed with automatic settings. I’m sure they will continue adding more as time passes.


Hi @theslade! We are working to add as many Proofgrade material settings for Aura as quickly as we can. When we have finished dialing in the Aura settings for those additional materials, we will add those, so when you scan your QR code, those additional materials will show up as compatible. Thank you! If you ever want to keep up to date on our Latest Improvements, you can visit this page: Latest Improvements


In this Tested review he cuts 1/4” acrylic on the Aura


Can the glowforge aura engrave or score on clear acrylic.
I’m new here, I’ve owned my glowforge for about 2 weeks. Still learning. Thanks in advance

Sadly no, since it’s a diode laser it doesn’t work on clear, transparent or light colored acrylics.


Or any light or dark shade of blue.

It has no trouble with teal. 1/4” of any of the colors that cut at 1/8” or 1/16” is doable. It just needs several passes to get all the way through.
Also GF is adding new verified proof grade settings all the time.

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I did 30 passes at speed 6 power 10 on the aura on teal and it didn’t cut through. I could mostly convince it to cut through dark blue, but the quality around the edges was terrible.

I did just check though, and GF is selling teal but not blue in their aura compatible proofgrade section.

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