Aura with GF air filter 100 Question

Afternoon everyone - does anyone know if the GFAF 100 air filter can work with the Aura machine? It appears they both use a 4" diameter hose, but I wondered if there was a special reason it should not be used. The personal air filters are sold out as well as the replacement filters, etc. Thanks.

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Your best option is to vent outdoors. The original GF filter cartridges are often sold out, and are very expensive.

If you choose to go that way, get a space cartridge. It will work just fine.


Thank you. I’ve heard/read that venting outdoors can damage the machine due to humidity, temp changes, etc. but I see alot of recommendations to do so. Any ideas on how to solve for humidity and temp changes?

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When you’re not actively cutting, have a door of some sort at the back of your machine separating it from the outdoors. It’s that easy :slight_smile:

I use this one:

There are easily purchasable ones:

Some folks actually disconnect their hoses entirely (using quick disconnects of many sorts).

YMMV, but it’s an easy fix. I live in Indiana so get both humidity and temp changes with no issues.


What was said above - simply disconnect the vent hose from the machine, or install a “blast gate” that provides air-tight isolation.

A filter is a last-resort for people with no ability to vent outdoors.


Thank you so much! This is great info and very helpful!