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In Pro Passthrough after the auto align not working, and recalibrating my camera, is there a way to try auto align again? I can never get the manual to work…what appears aligned to me ends up not printing aligned…

Just run another print.

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Just saw you had posted a similar question in a different forum section.

The camera calibration has nothing to do with passthru, all it does is help improve placement of artwork on material (to within 1/4", per specs.)

The passthru uses the camera in the print head to align between steps, the lid camera is not involved. Have you cleaned the window that protects it, along with the one opposite the lens that protects the white LED and red beam used to measure material thickness?

I’ve probably only used the passthru a dozen times, and the automatic alignment was absolutely precise. I did one test early on where I deliberately put the material at different angles between steps just to see how it coped with it.

This is the one where I intentionally changed the angle between steps.

You’ll find a few more examples from when it was first released here:


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