Auto focus height is suddenly off big time

Has anyone else recently run into a big error in auto-focus height? Could you point me to a post about the solution if so?

I’ll also be emailing support in case it’s just me :frowning:

I have not noticed an uptick in reports of this issue. What material are you using when you experience the problem?


Can you explain this a little better? Are you getting wide cuts? Not cutting through? Blurred engraves?


No issue here. Have you cleaned your machine recently?

When you are setting up a print, the entered material height is what the scanned image is based on. When clicking Print and when it loads, the 'forge runs an auto-focus scan to get the material height, and the image reloads based on the measured height. If you see it drastically change where things are at that point, that’s why. Then you can verify that the auto-focus height is indeed off by knowing what to look for in the actual print if you run it.

You don’t need to enter a material height if you use Set Focus.

Good to know! But that really doesn’t help if set focus is broken :smiley:

if you cleaned recently as beerfaced was alluding to… you may have put your lens in upside down perhaps?

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Auto focus and set focus are two different things. Which is it?

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What’s Set Focus then? Does it not use the auto-focus height?

(Mine is greyed out because the machine is off)

Okay, yeah… so if you do that, I’m guessing the auto-focus height upon Print still happens, which is what I’m having a problem with. I’m also assuming that it uses auto-focus height to do the Set Focus, but I don’t know that.

No, they are separate. If you use Set Focus, the image is adjusted based on the result and that is what is used.

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(They use the same mechanism but Set Focus will use the spot you specify, the auto function uses the artwork as a whole to randomly select a point.)

Yes, the same mechanism, exactly… That is not working for me right now lol

Thick walnut plywood, for example -

After setting material and putting a design in place:

After using “Set Focus” feature we can see it’s quite off:

And the image after auto-focus upon hitting Print looks about the same:

And I tested a print, and the cut and engrave were very defocused.

I did not just recently clean the lens - I did clean the exhaust but that’s pretty far away! I have had it happen after cleaning the lens before though. Taking the head off and putting it back on can fix it if you ever run into this… I figure I may as well clean it and try that a few times.

When you use set focus do you see the red laser briefly shine on the material? If it misses the result will be out of focus.
Also, make sure to use “set focus” before placing the artwork.

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