Auto Focus is taking a long time _ any ideas as to why?

How long does your typical auto focus take for a a print to take place ?

I use to be at about 15 seconds now we are talking about 1 minute. ugh hard going backwards.

I also noticed that the time to cool down warning is so fast that I cannot read it and am only guessing.

For me usually 30-90 seconds but it willbe longer when there’s an update being pushed by GF HQ. There were a few big ones in the last month.


If you use set focus it will skip the autofocus at the beginning of the job. But, either way, it doesn’t take long.


I noticed my focus time was a little longer today than normal. Have you tried resetting your router the glowforge is connected to? Sometimes it’s just a connectivity thing, other times it’s the cloud itself, hard to say on our end, though.

As others on this thread have mentioned, autofocus shouldn’t take too long to complete. You should expect less than 60 seconds, but this can be affected by network connectivity and service status. Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing issues with slow autofocus?

On the topic of auto focus does anyone have a machine that actually checks the focus exactly where you place the cross hairs on the work piece? I don’t want to mess with my camera calibration because it is virtually spot on but the focus sometimes occurs almost an inch from the area I select. It’s only a problem when engraving something small or maybe adding art to something already cut to a specific shape which can cause the unit to check the height beside the piece. I usually hit the set focus then watch to see where it shines the laser. If necessary I repeat until I have it located on the work piece. I assumed (I know…) the camera function and the focus function would be the same.

Very normal. Maybe most common. Even after perfect calibration.

Ahh good to know. Not a big deal anyway as long as the camera places the art where I need it.


    June 13

sometimes occurs almost an inch from the area I select

Very normal. Maybe most common. Even after perfect calibration.

Thanks @rpegg, that’s right. When you use set focus it is an approximate location of where the focus height will be set. The actual measurement is where the red dot appears in the printer’s bed. If it is hitting in the wrong spot, move the set focus and try again. I am going to close this thread. If you need any more help, please start a new one.