Auto focus not working

Hi all,
I’m having a issue where my GF will not cut through unless I manually put in the material thickness and also manual focus at a height I measure using a focus measuring tool. This leads me to believe that there is something wrong with auto focus.
I have deep cleaned my machine, tried using PG materials and materials that I cut with regularly.
I’m seeing some debris in the lenses (?) on the print head. The two small clear areas on the bottom side of the print head, I have been unable to clear the debris from there, anyone had this issue and been able to solve it?
I recently got new wheels/bearings for the print head but the issue started before then, but I had also gotten a new batch of materials from a local vendor so I thought it was the new material.

It sounds like you have tried everything. Support doesn’t monitor the forum, so I suggest you send them an email if you haven’t already.

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Are you referring to these? If so, they have to be clean or it will never focus.

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I second this.

mine got a bit “fogged” after a lot of chipboard cuts. Suddenly, Beamer had an attitude. cleaned those with the zeiss wipes and presto no more attitude.

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Yes but the debris on the inside and I cannot seem to get any air through there to get it out, but in theory it blew in there it should be able to come out.

Have you tried wiping them with a zeiss wipe? There shouldn’t be debris behind the glass. If there is then you will have to contact support and include a picture so they can decide if you need a new head or not.

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