Autocad design saved as Inkscape svg file will not cut

Gear designed in AutoCad saved as dxf file imported into Inkscape saved as svg will not show on GF workspace for cutting. I’m sure I’ve missed something but what?

Possibly not specifying a line weight? If you can upload your art possibly we can figure it out.

Most folks seem to suggest skipping Inkscape and exporting as a .pdf which the :glowforge: will read natively…


Try saving as a PDF straight from AutoCad. We CAD users often find this eliminates a lot of issues.


yes, @ben1 beat me this time. We will get the message out: Forget DXF just PDF.

I ran into a situation where I learned something new regarding that also: Make sure your output sheet in CAD (at least is SolidWorks) is large enough to fit the entire drawing before save as PDF.

My AutoCad (2004) does not offer pdf save. I have saved asdxf, imported to Inkscape and saved as svg with “No Artwork” message on GF

Use print to PDF. You should be able to use the print function and any PDF printer instead of save as PDF.

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There are a lot of free PDF creation tools - pick one and go with that as your plot to PDF. Personally I use PDF Xchange and have paid for the Pro version. At $40 it’s well worth it. This is about the only way I produce anything for the GF. Create in AutoCAD and plot to PDF.

No need for Inkscape in the process unless you’re dealing with fonts that AutoCAD can’t handle. Anything outside the normal system fonts it will have issues with (or at least it does in my case). Typically that’s when I fire up Illustrator to create a piece of text in the font I want and then I convert it to paths, then print it to a PDF.

I’m sure that process would be easier in Inkscape, but It works for me.

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I thought I had some old software! LOL

Might be time to learn a new design tool.

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Nevertheless, I’m trying to understand why this might happen. Once you’re looking at it in Inkscape and can save an SVG, it seems like AutoCAD should be out of the equation. Is it possible it’s being positioned way off the dartboard? I feel like this has come up a few times before. Your design might be there, but miles off the screen.


I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble when trying to import your file into the app. Would you be comfortable sharing a copy of the SVG? I’d be happy to take a closer look to see what might be causing the “No Artwork” message you’re running into. If you’d prefer to share it privately, you can email it to my attention by sending it to .

I received your SVG file via email. Thank you for sending that in so I can take a look! I’ve send you some information and next steps in a response to your email, so I’m going to close this forum thread for now.