Automated Passthrough Alignment on Pro?

While I’ve had my GF for a couple of years, it took so long to get it that my living situation changed drastically from the time I ordered it. Anyway, finally fired it up and using it with a bit more regularity now.

Haven’t used the pass-through yet and everything I’ve found so far on the forums seem to indicate that it’s something I’d have to do manually. Is that still the case? Seems like a pretty terrible oversite from a design of machine perspective.

Yes, that’s correct.


And thank you!

It’s not that bad with a little prep work, but you do have to be careful while you are shifting the material forward, not to let any rotation creep into the material.

@johnse put together a nice little tutorial for how to do it here, and that’s essentially what I’ve been using while waiting for Glowforge to finish up development of the passthrough software.


Ah ok thank you. I’ll take a look at that first. I’m hoping to cut material so it might prove to be a tiny bit more challenging…

Stiffen it. (No kidding - starch the living daylights out of it or use fabric stiffener. ) You need to keep it flat and even. Maybe a Seklema mat would help.


Thanks for the answer @Jules, that’s right! I’m going to close this thread.