Average shipping times for parts ordered from store

I was curious what the average shipping time was on materials and or parts ordered from the store. Currently have a lid cable that will most likely need replacing. Currently in a thread with support however I went ahead and ordered two cables myself, don’t have time to wait for support to tell me what I already know. So how long does it take once order is place for glowforge to put the items in the mail?

Posting here opens up another ticket with support, they should be along shortly to provide the current estimates for shipping times. I have not placed any orders since the pandemic started so not sure of the impact on their shipping times personally.

I am in contact with support for a completely different ticket. Rather than wait for support to run me through 12 more troubleshooting steps and then one week later tell me I need to replace the cable I went ahead and ordered the cables myself today.

Just curious if anyone has any update on average time the shop takes for in stock items to ship once orders are placed. That’s all. And by thread I mean email thread. Not a thread here in the online community.

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Mine shipped the same day (I received shipping notice within a couple of hours from both GF and FedEx) and I received it three days later (Sunday.)

If you didn’t receive a shipping notification, it’s likely because they are no longer available.

Support does not ship these items, it is a separate company. It can take them a day or two to chase things down.

Again, I did not order through support. I ordered myself through the store.

You’ve posted in Problems and Support, which opens a ticket with GF support - which implies you are looking for a reponse from them.


Ordering through the store has been taking them at least 5 days to even get to the order, then another three days to get it out to you. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news

At least you are the bearer of any type of news. I’ll take it. Thank you.

I just got a couple of black cables too. I did them as 2 singles (they come in a tube via FedEx and I wasn’t sure if they could put two in one tube or if that would make them switch to a different container). Each took a couple of days to ship and another week to get to CT.

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If it was the old :proofgrade: shipper they might have come in a 4’ box with a single sheet of padding. :rofl:


Hi @forestmbrown! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.