Award Plaque Metal

Hello everyone!!! I’m new here and I’ve had my Glowforge for about a week. I am in love! There is so much I want to learn but this community can be a bit overwhelming trying to find all the answers I seek. Please forgive me if this has been asked before, I would not ask if I could find the answer here in the community. Do I need CerMark to engrave on metals like the ones that can be found on plaques? If not, what setting would you suggest?


If that is actual brass the odds are he will not Mark as shown. You have two choices, you can chemically treat it like with Clair Mark {sp} or you can substitute a piece that will work. They make nice Plastics that look just like that but engrave beautifully. Johnson plastics is your friend.


Thank you, I will visit them now.

I have used a lot of the 2-color acrylic from several sales locations. They all use the same brands, pretty much. Rowmark brand is my favorite, mostly because they make MANY color selections.
The Rose/Blk and Gold/Blk are ideal for things like plaques.
If it is stand alone (like earrings) then the 0.060 thickness works well.
If it is being mounted to a firm surface, then the 0.020 works fine (too flexible to be without support though) .
NOTE: Do not get dismayed by the Full Sheet costs. Drill down a little for the normal 12x24 sheet prices and just cut the extra off to fit in the Glowforge.

If you do try the 2-color acrylics, here are some ballpark numbers to get you started in the link below.