Awooga! Awooga! It's happening! To me!



It’s Pro time.


YAY! Congratulations :slight_smile:


Outstanding! Congratulations!


you go! Woohoo!

I am NOT GREEN… even though it is not easy being green. :slight_smile: I am NOT GREEN!!!


Looks like you didn’t piss someone off after all. :joy:



I know, I’m such a whiny child sometimes. It’s embarrassing looking back on my posts.


Congratulations, @chris1! I’m thrilled for you (and for me, since I’m looking forward to getting the same e-mail, about the same machine).


Human. You’re human. As are we all. I whine about MUCH more trivial things, just ask my wife.

I’m glad that you got it, because there likely were / are many who feel exactly the way you did, and they can now vicariously share in your happiness while they await their own.



Of course, this unblocks the “I need to remodel the basement to make room, but I’m not going to start until I get the e-mail” projects. Not sure if I’m relieved or more stressed.


That just means you’re becoming a better human! Congrats on your Proforge!


Oh YAY Chris, so happy for you!!!


I just KNEW I should have called myself Chris0


Heh. That was a total username signup fail. But I appear to be stuck with it.


This will be me as well, whenever I’m lucky enough to get the email. Still not sure if I’m excited for it because it’s f the GF or dreading the project it’ll be to make a space for it.


Yahooooooo! So happy for you!


Oh, man! Really happy for you! You’ve been so excited and enjoyable here on the forum!




Excellent! I remodeled my basement in a couple of weeks! Get on it!


The only real problem is electrical. I live in a split-level house that is, as my friend and I put it after trying to run some network cable, “made out of spite”. It’s practically impossible to get anything from point A to point B, and the basement is run off of a dinky (and full) subpanel. I’ve had several presumably professional electricians in to look at it and they either shake their heads sadly or propose running pipe around the entire outside of the house. I know what I want can be done, but it requires someone who’s willing to listen to and work with me, and so far I have completely struck out finding such an electrician.


Awesome, Chris! Congrats!