Ax handle

First draft is done- So my father likes to randomly show up with oddly shaped items (in this case a hatchet) and say making something cool out of this. Lol. He grinded down the ax head so left that out of the photos and he added this hole before giving it to me. The hole threw me off so I’m calling this first draft lol. Gonna buy a new one without a hole and make a filled out bottom. This is the better of the two sides I made. Getting the curve down took some time but figured it out. I’m pretty happy with it and think I might start selling some of these with custom middle inserts. I left that middle gap for anything to be dropped in for easy custom look.

Here’s the ugly side and grinded down ax head if you want to see more mistakes for the rough draft lol


I love versions, and seeing the bad stuff as well as the good stuff! I literally have a hatchet sitting on the table behind me… :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

How did you go about getting the curvature of the axe handle?

Basically took a photo and measurements to manipulate it. I hope to make a video on it soon on my YouTube channel if you want to follow that. It might be a bit before I can make the video though.


That is a legit idea, and not something I would have thought off the cuff. Thanks for adding it to my toolbox :wink: Did you have a ruler in the pic with it?

Yeah you can put one both ways.

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