October 2022 Update

It’s a busy season here in the Shapiro household – and I bet it’s busy for you, too. Our Glowforge is humming along, gearing up for holiday projects. It’s earrings now: my daughter is flashing a new pair daily, in all sorts of materials. Yesterday was a guinea pig in acrylic; I think Halloween spider webs are next on the menu.

She’s not just making them for herself, either. She’s been cranking them out for schoolmates and friends, as birthday gifts or just because. There’s a new pair that’s headed for one of her teachers, and folks are starting to ask her if they can buy more…

My son, meanwhile, just finished a diorama for school. He cut and painted plywood buildings, plants, and trees to demonstrate heat flow in cities. He used Glowforge Premium for the design - he put the whole project together, from design to finished print, in about two hours. He got an ‘A’, too!

I’d like to think my kids’ creativity reflects our community. Folks use their Glowforge to make something new every day, whether it’s gifts for friends, products for their business, or tools to help educate people. Sometimes they’re just making cool stuff because it’s fun to make cool stuff. (Have you seen this axe handle? So cool!)

To help you all make the best cool stuff, we’re bringing you three things. First, some useful hints and tricks to get the best from your Glowforge while you’re doing all of that holiday printing. Next, we’re running a “buy more, save more” sale on Proofgrade materials, perfect for making custom place settings, mantelpiece decor, and personalized ornaments.

And finally, for those friends who’ve been itching to get their own Glowforge, we’re offering free shipping on Glowforge Pro or Plus. Purchased with an Air Filter, that’s up to $600 in savings. Even better, this sale stacks with your referral code, for up to $1100 in savings!

So, all together now, let’s unwrap this month’s goodies:

How to get the most out of your Glowforge

For many of our creators, this is the busiest time of the year. We built our printers to be your trusted creative partner, and especially when you’re both working hard, we want Glowforge to be at its best for you. With that in mind, our customer success team compiled some tips to get peak performance from your printer.

Proofgrade materials sale: everything discounted

Whatever you’re making, we want your prints to be perfect every time. We made our line of Proofgrade materials with you in mind, so that when you press that magical glowing button, you know exactly what you’re going to get.

I asked the team how we could help you get all the Proofgrade materials you need. They made it simple with a buy more, save more sale that’s running through the end of the month.

Choose 5 things from our wide selection and they’ll be 25% off. Buy 10 and you’ll get 35% off. And 15 items nets you 40% off.

Easy, right? You’ll also get free shipping on orders over $99, making it a great time to load up for the holidays.

This deal, though, goes away at the end of the month, so be sure to shop the sale before it’s gone.

Free shipping on a new printer

One of my favorite things is to show friends my Glowforge and watch their faces as they make their first print. The way they light up – the “glow,” if you don’t mind – never stops bringing me joy. It’s not just that they’re amazed at what they’re seeing (like when my cousin Matt turned a couple of quick mouse doodles into a pair of earrings). It’s the next moment, when you can see the wheels turning, and know they’re thinking, “What else can I do with this?”

Got a friend who’s been admiring your Glowforge? Now’s the perfect time for them to get their own.

Through October 31, orders for Glowforge Pro or Plus will ship for free. That’s a $350 savings. Add an Air Filter and we’ll ship that for free, too — a $600 savings. Give them your referral code for another $500 and you’re looking at $1,100 in savings - plus you’ll get $500 cash or $600 of free materials on top of that. And that $600 goes a long way when everything’s on sale! To top it off, flexible payment options make it easy to fit your holiday budget.

And remember, if you’ve been eyeing another Glowforge for yourself, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself this giving season. But act quickly, as this sale also ends on October 31.

That’s it from me this month – I’ll let all of you get back to printing!


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