Aztek Puzzle

I’m going to make some puzzles like this. Not copies, but I really like the graphical style.


Make the puzzle really confusing. Cut out 3 and mix the pieces so that the wood grain doesn’t help at all.


:grin: The wood grain trick is very good, you will need it to make with acrylic to make it harder now :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally i don’t like the woodgrain ‘trick’ as i’m sure the puzzlemaker didn’t use grain on purpose!

I’ve spent all afternoon trying to figure out what kind of grid was used to design the puzzle and have failed horribly. I intended to dupicate it and make other variations. I’ve given up now and am designing my own system.

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more rewarding to do this anyway

edit: it looks to me like you could just plot this on a grid of 1x1 squares with a willingness to move diagonally at a whim.


That was the problem, the design was really fudged and i’m afraid my OCD won’t allow me to do that! :confounded:

that’s the thing, i don’t think it was fudged at all; it’s got pretty obvious design indications. really neat either way, though.

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It is in as much as the diagonals are a different width.

I really like that style. Thanks for posting!

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Right, I had a go at designing a similar puzzle of my own. Not the most elegant design I know, but I enjoyed it and will certainly design better ones when I have my GF.

And here is the .svg and .ai files if anyone wants to have a go at cutting it out :slight_smile:

Puzzle 1 (1.3 MB)

Next time i’ll do something a bit more symmetrical.


Sweeeeeet! (Definitely want to try one soon, that’s an awesome design!)


I might fully rip this off (for my own use only, of course). Thanks for sharing.

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very cool, man! well done.


Did you remove the overlapping lines? Does the glowforge ignore and cut once or will it go over the area twice?


Oooh neato! I dig this

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Nope. I both forgot and didn’t forget. You need compleat lines for each piece so you could cut them from another material if you want. Removing all double lines would mean you couldn’t do that.

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Good point. I figured you would just make two or three and switch the pieces.