Azul board

Anyone else out there play Azul? The board and tiles seem like a perfect match for a glowforge

Here’s the board/tiles I’m working on for a Christmas present.

The board is cherry over maple. The tiles are all acrylic with my designs that differ a bit from the official Azul game.


Never heard of it, but I do like a good ornate board game project. Nice job. I especially like the color, is that paint or inlay?


Those are actually tiles that you use to play the game (like scrabble tiles) They fit into the board.


Right, I guess I was asking if you did the contrastIng color in paint or inlay, and judging by the close up it looks like it was paint.

The tiles are great. Never heard of the game, but definitely a perfect Glowforge project.


I have been wanting to make a laser cut version ever since I fell for the game last summer! Your version is incredible and very functional as the tiles will not just slide across the board! The tiles turned out great as well.
For every board game enthusiasts out there: give it a try, the game is beautiful and much more fun than I expected when I was told about it. Strongly recommended!!


BEautiful! Never heard of it, but it looks like you brought a new dimension to the game. Great project!

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That looks awesome!

I love it when people use the :glowforge: for board games! I have never played that one, but I have been looking at it for a while. I will have to try it out, and if I love it, make my own version!

Thanks for the inspiration!


I’ve never heard of it, but your board looks fantastic! I’ll have to look up that game. Thanks for sharing.


Not familiar with the game but it is really pretty. The design is very eye catching.


Nice fit of the tiles into the wood. I’m guessing you engraved the tiles, then painted, then removed the masking. Very crisp…you must have more patience for watching paint dry than I do.

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Actually, I engraved, removed the masking, painted, and wiped. I use craft paint which doesn’t really stick well to acrylic, so you apply it liberally and use a paper towel to wipe it off. Then you can just use your finger or a towel to rub off any remaining paint. It’s actually pretty quick and easy and gives great results.


Thank you for the details. I’ve been messing mine up pretty badly. I think your engraves are deeper than mine. I’ll try your method.

That is a lot like the process for engraving ceramic tiles. I wonder if small square ceramic tiles would be viable for a project like this.

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I thought about doing that, but I wanted them to be double-sided. I couldn’t find any ceramic tiles that were finished on both sides.

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I haven’t played that, but I keep on eyeing it! We taught my folks Catan and they loved it, but they don’t really play by themselves since it’s awkward with 2. I’ve been told Azul does so much better with two - and it’s pretty which is definitely a draw (no fighting, just beauty)

That board is gorgeous


Wow! Fantastic! I own Azul and now want to build this. It’s gorgeous.

My Glowforge hasn’t arrived yet, so this is currently beyond me, but you’ve given me a great goal.

Are those proofgrade materials? If not, where did you source them from, if you don’t mind my asking?

I have hopes of eventually making a terra Mystica board.


I’m actually making it for my GF. We played Catan with her kids, but when it’s just the two of us, Catan isn’t as fun.

Azul is a much better 2-player experience

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LOL - the eternal “Is it Girlfriend or Glowforge” question :stuck_out_tongue: Somehow I doubt your laser plays board games, so I’m going with Girlfriend in this instance! :slight_smile: and yay, great to know.


Very nice. I keep hearing about how pretty Azul is - seeing yours I understand why.
Sigh - guess that’s another game I’m going to have to buy

How do you get the tiles out again? They look like they are flush in the tray - or is that the idea?

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