B-25 in balsa

See the thread about balsa wood settings in “beyond the manual”.

Here is the file.

b25 rtc.zip (21.9 KB)


I had unintentional engrave burn through on one of my double sided pieces but luckily it added to the look of the piece. I thought you boy might be interested in this B-17 piece:

Thanks for the file.


Oh, wow. My dad flew B17’s in WW2. I have been wanting to get around to making one. Thank you so much for this file. I am going to try it tonight.

If you want to try the same thing with the B-17, there is an SVG starting point here:

I took the similar file for the B-25 and basically cut it up into the separate pieces that are in the other file that I uploaded. So I copied, pasted, and then edited the sections for the fuselage and rudders in elevation view, and the wing and tail in plan view. Didn’t take very long to do - maybe even a little easier for the B-17 since there’s only one central rudder, which could just be left as part of the fuselage, vs. the B-25 which has the twin rudders at either end of the tail.

Good luck and let us know what you come up with.

p.s.: If you use a wood thickness other than 3/32, edit the slot dimensions for the various connection points.

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