B&W gradient engraving on stainless steel

Hey all,
I’m trying to etch a logo onto some stainless steel keychains, and wondering if it is possible to do a grayscale gradient while using ceramark. I understand that it needs to be between 1000 and full power to fuse the material to the stainless, is there no wiggle room at all for trying to lighten up parts of the logo? When I do an engrave everything other than the darkest part of the logo basically washes right off when I rinse the ceramark off the tags.

You would need to experiment with “Convert to dots” or “Convert to patterns”, not “Vary power”


Do you have access to decent graphics software that con convert your gradients to halftones? (Those tiny dots used in printing comics and newspapers, Photoshop has the function built in)


That’s a good point - if you’re not happy with the engrave options in the GF UI, halftone gives you more control.

You can also do it natively in Inkscape, if that’s your design app of choice.


The dots or pattern are the only way to use full power and they are totally black. Many years ago newspapers had the same problem and came up with the dot method printing. The higher your LPI the smaller your dots will be and you may need to adjust the dot settings so there is no place that is all dots or no dots.


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