Baby footprint keychain/ornament!


Hi all! Decided to try my first engrave based on my baby’s footprint stamp (he’s 2 months old now!)

Overall, I didn’t do much to further optimize the image, though I’m sure I’d get even better results if I did. In short, here’s what I did:

  • Scanned the footprint using a regular HP scanner
  • Greyscaled the image
  • Uploaded it to the Glowforge UI
  • Decided to do a manual engrave & did an ordered dither (45 min level / 90 max level)
  • Popped in 1/8 inch maple hardwood
  • Engraved it! Took about 5 minutes

I then decided after the fact to cut it out with a hole for a key ring or ornament hook. This was a good test of the camera alignment. I rescanned the bed with the engraved foot, and dragged in an outline for the cut I created in inkscape on top of it. The alignment was spot on!

I’ll do a few more of these for family members & will probably iterate on the process to see if I can get even better results! I’m open for any recommendations!






I’m thinking that deserves edgelit acrylic for a nightlight - more useful for infant feeding times than it is for any other period in a person’s life. (possibly excepting hotel stays.)


Awe super Adorable! This would look amazing on acrylic as well! :blush:


What a fantastic idea! (Got a lot of new parents here who are going to love it!) :grinning::+1:


Love it! I love the little wrinkles that showed up in the engrave. Good job!


Ok, that has got to be in the top 10 cutest uses for photo engrave! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


That’s great!!! I would to the name and birth date on the back. Christmas presents are gonna be so much easier with a :glowforge:


In da feet, there is triumph ! Sorry, couldn’t resist a pun.


That’s the plan! I actually did it, but didn’t tone down the score settings & it ended up cutting through the proofgrade in some areas where the engrave was deeper. Easy fix though!


I gotta do this when I get my GF. My twins are 2 months old this week as well.


This is adorable!


It is so cute! Great job!!!
Please share if you do some hand-prints too :slight_smile:


When you created the initial footprint imprint, what did you use as “ink” to transfer from foot to paper? Or does your baby now have a permanent marking on his/her foot?


That is really sweet… great use of ProForgeOne


Charming! You can cherish this forever.


I plan on doing this same thing with my son’s footprint for my parents & sisters this Christmas.


Wow! What a great idea, no infants on my horizon but I have a few coworkers that would love this! Acrylic would really bring it to life.