Baby Milestone Cards

Good morning. I would like to print the baby milestone cards (12) located in the Glow Forge catalog. However, when I load the design, only cards one through eight appear. Where do I find cards nine through twelve? Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you.
Ann Marie


Many of the Glowforge files are downloaded to your Dashboard in separate files, and they don’t appear next to one another in your Dashboard. It is often confusing. Search your Dashboard for a second file that contains months nine through 12.



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Thank you very much!

I went back through the glowforge catalog and found the baby milestone cards. It is listed as a set of 12. I have looked through entire catalog and can only find the one free post. I have reset my design and still only get one through eight. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I appreciate your help.
Ann Marie

I apologize for contacting you once again. Thank you for your help with the milestone cards. I did find the other files just like you said. However, It is listed as a set of 12 and only 11 come through. Eleven months is the last card. How would I go about adding a 12th card on my own?

Thank you again.
Ann Marie

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There are twelve cards, but the last one is one year rather than 12 months.


If you really need a card that says “twelve months” here is my suggestion. 1. select the card for 10 months and ungroup until the T is separate from the “en”. Delete the “en”. If you have the premium subscription, insert a text file “welve” using the Homemade Apple font. It is not the exact font used, but it is pretty close. Move the “welve” next to the T and adjust sizing as necessary.

If you don’t have the premium subscription, you will need to make a file with the letters welve in a similar font and drag it onto the existing file.


Thank you so much.

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