Back Safety Interlock Alert on Plus

Just got my new Plus on Thursday. Finally had a chance to set it up on Monday so it sat on one of it’s short sides for a few days before I could get to it. Worked my way thru connecting with wi-fi & succeeded after 5 reboots of my computer & the Plus. Now it says “The safety interlock on the back of the machine is open. Close it and reboot your machine.” Checked support & the forums to discover the Plus doesn’t have a safety interlock on the back. Check the machine is level, checked the plug & on/off switch is seated correctly, even checked the ribbon cord was attached properly. Nothing. Rebooted more times than I can could & waited thru many centerings of the machine. Nothing. Sent an email to support but haven’t heard back (it’s not been 24 hours) but got any suggestions I haven’t tried?

Send email or post here. Doing both makes double tickets and they will close this and contact you by email.

Sadly no other suggestions, a staffer will close this and respond to your email. That bites that your Plus is being a pain. Hopefully there’s something they can fix on the back end and get you up and running!

Hi @danifruit, I see you’ve also emailed us about this issue and we’ve responded to you there, so I’m going to close this topic.